Nail Head Bulletin-Board


Yep....another knock off. See my others here and here.

I saw these in the BD catalog. Then I remembered I had all of this laying around...

Yes, that would be 2 packages of nail heads, extra fabric, cork tiles, and foam core.

I estimate this project would cost about $3-4 per bulletin board.

(I found the12" cork tiles at target ($4) package of 4, nail heads at hobbylobby $0.99 per package, extra fabric also used here, and foam core $1.50-huge sheet).

The only concern was that the cork wouldn't be thick enough for the nail heads. That's where the foam core comes in handy!
I just cut strips to cover the edges, but you could use a 12"x12" square also.

then glue the fabric over the cork

tuck and glue corners

Now add nail head trim. I just kind of eye balled it...but they are about 1 inch apart

Done! Only took about 10 minutes! A perfect nap time project!

Now where to put them? I am running out of wall space!

You could also use Burlap, linen, or your fabric of choice!
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  1. Love it! Thank you for coming up with so many great ideas... always an inspiration. Happy Weekend.

  2. Fabulous! I am just loving coming over here and seeing what you're up to!

  3. Bummer...you're not set up for me to reply to your comment..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    You are my HERO with the airplane art...I can't wait to do that!! I tried the modge podge trick and it WORKED!! So when I do my project I will link back to you and where I learned to do that neat trick!!

  4. I recently made a bulletin board for my office, I love the nail detail on yours! So chic!

  5. I have a party on Wednesday called Anything Goes, I would love it you shared this.


    Thanks Tammy