Another PB Knock off....Tutorial

Read about my first PB knock off here.

I spotted this pillow at PB and thought is was so cute! Yet SO simple. I knew I could pull this off, even with my simple self taught sewing skills!

And you can too! This is what you need...

Freezer paper


exacto knife

sewing scissors


fabric (I had some I found a while back at Garden Ridge- 2 yards for $5.99)

fabric paint

Freezer paper cut list:

2- 18"x1" strip

2- 18" x 1/2" strip

Fabric Cut List:

2- 12" x 18" rectangles

4- 9" x 3" strips (ties)

1- 12" x 6" rectangle (flap so you don't see pillow insert)

First center and iron on your freezer paper strips centered on one 18" x12" rectangle.

You can "design" your stripes at what ever thickness you'd like - mine are about 1/4"

Then paint the space between each freezer paper strip. I just used a regular brush. You could also use a sponge brush. I kind of dabbed - I didn't want complete solid coverage.

Peel off paper right away. The picture below looks like the stripes are wavy - they are not my camera is out of focus! (sorry)!

Now time to sew the pillow together!

I started with the ties - fold each 9 x 3 piece in half lengthwise and sew together.

Then turn inside out so your seam is "inside"

Place your 2 - 18 x 12 pieces right sides together and sew 3 seams (2-18" sides, 1-12"side)

Leaving 1 12" side open

Then turn right sides out.

Iron all piece nice and flat

Ok....I almost forgot about this. This is your 6x12 "flap" that covers your pillow insert - where the ties will gap open.

Fold about 1/4" on each side - press- and sew a seam -Basically so you have no frayed edges.

Now let's piece it together and get it done!

On you open 12" end fold over a 1/4" seam and press. on the striped side. Then pin your flap piece and the ties under the pressed seam. Then sew -but be careful not to sew the bottom closed!

Then do the same to the backside - you will NOT have a flap - just the 2 ties.

Hopefully this is what you have!

Ours Theirs

I hope you enjoyed !
Today I am linking here to this great blog! Visit Judy at DIY design!


  1. Yours is even better than the PB one. I love a good PB knock-off. Thanks so much for stopping by and joining the party. Hope to see you again next week.

  2. Great tutorial! I just got a Singer Simple and hope to eventually become brave enough to take it out of the box. :)

  3. This is fabulous!!! Love it can't beat the price :)
    Thanks for linking, love your blog!

  4. Loved the airplane, Love this, Loving your blog!

  5. Wonderful job and great tutorial - so thorough! Thank you so much. Just found your pillow through childmade and am looking forward to more great things!

  6. Fantastic knock off!! And great tutorial! :)

  7. Wow! Another great knock-off! I seriously can't tell yours from theirs--that's awesome!! I am so inspired by you!

  8. Knock it off! That's a GREAT knock off!

  9. hi thanks for stopping by and yes your tutorial and mine are quite similar. I never thought to use freezer paper.

  10. Love this! K, 3rd comment, yep, I'm a new fan!
    Thanks for sharing your great projects with us :)