The plane tutorial....questions

I have received such great complements and feedback on the pottery barn plane project.
Thank you!!!!!!

A Few people have asked questions so I thought I would address them here for everyone.

1. I think you must use acrylic paint on the wood before you transfer an image.

2. I stumbled across this transferring with modge-podge as a happy accident. I printed the images from my computer-printer. I have heard using a photocopier works better.

3. My images are not perfect. Some areas didn't transfer every line, and on some the paper stuck because I waited too long to peel it back up. I like this for this project because it is supposed to look old and aged.

4. I am not sure about colored images - if they'll transfer? Mine were black and white but sometimes the image looked purplish - which is why I brushed over most of the final product with a watered down brown paint.

I hope everyone who tries this gets a great result - feel free to ask any questions!

I am planing on doing another project like this - hopefully this weekend! My mother in law is redoing her living room and I am going to make her something to go over her couch!
It will be about the same size - but more of a landscape with trees and possibly an old looking barn or church!

Stay tuned of course I'll share it right away!


  1. thank you so much!!

  2. Your blog was mentioned today by Melanie at Creative Art & Design’s Marvelous Monday . http://mmbcreations.blogspot.com/2011/02/marvelous-monday-marvelous-bloggers.html

  3. I picked up the wood on Saturday. This is amazing. Can't wait to try it.

  4. I picked up the materials today and I hope to begin soon. I'm having a difficult time printing off the pictures (which is driving me nuts). It keeps wanting to use six pages to print off one block! Is there something I'm missing?

  5. Fantastic job!!! I love it!
    Do you know if you can do this with Photoshop Elements 8? I am not very computer savy so I have NO CLUE as to how to do this but I'm going to give it a try...I would like to do a cowboy type picture. We'll see!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Hi, I cannot wait to try this! Question: do I need to have/use photoshop? Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Hey! So I love this project and I am in the process of trying it out but when i went to print out the images there was one that didn't match up! It seems like square #15 is missing and instead you have put square #13 in twice! I am really hoping that you can help me figure this out since I am now half way through the project :) Thanks for all your help!
    Please feel free to email me at Katscowls@yahoo.com

  8. Wow, amazing project Melissa! We are in the process of doing this ourselves. We have the wood planks all painted and ready to go (they turned out great, btw) but we are encountering all sorts of issues printing the images (ie borders appearing in the pics, weird sizes printing etc). Can you or anyone else who has tackled this project offer any advice on the best way to print this up? Thanks!

  9. My husband wants the airplane panels bad for our office. I am so excited that I can make them! It will be a fun birthday surprise. I am wondering, what do you mean when you say you just brushed over the image with the rust colored paint? It looks like you strategically painted it. I don't want to mess it up by just brushing over it. Can you be more specific?

  10. All I did with the paint was cover some of the printer ink that looked a little purple-ish. This made it more of a sepia tone rather than gray/black and white. I did not use the paint to "paint" or outline the image. I did go back after it was finished with a charoal pencil and define a few edges where the transfers didn't line up perfectly! Hope this helps!

  11. Do you think you could do this and use modge podge on canvas? The other lady used a gel medium but I was wondering if there's a difference?

    I LOVE this idea. So rad. I'm totally doing it. Thanks for the tutorial, I seriously feel like hugging you.

  12. Brittany,
    I think as long as you painted the canvas with acrylic paint first it would work.
    Good luck!

  13. Thanks Melissa! I'll be giving it a try soon.

  14. The wall that I want to hang this on is warped so I am planning on doing on large piece of wood. I found the image you used on LIFE online and was wondering what you did to get rid of the background images?

  15. Hi,
    Can you tell me what search terms you used at LIFE online to find the photo? I've been searching, but haven't found it! THANKS YOU SO MUCH in advance!

  16. Hey Melissa,

    Im having trouble with the images matching up. Can you email me at heather34578@hotmail.com, my husband is a pilot and comes home thursday. I want to suprise him with this. Im halfway done I just need to get the image figured out.



  17. How did you find an image big enough to do this? I am trying to find my husbands airplane and I am having a difficult time!

    Do you think you will ever have your steps in photoshop in a tutorial?

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  18. Hi there,

    I tried this and left the mod podge on for maybe 5 minutes. The paper was stuck. Wouldn't come off and when it did it peeled the ink off too. Some tutorials say to leave the mod podge on overnight and then try to get the paper off. HELP! I've got all my boards painted and can't figure out the image transfer. Should I leave it on just for a few minutes and peel off when still wet? Or let it dry completely?

  19. Like how did it take everyone just 3-4 hours to make it including the transferring? I'm frustrated because I am so close to done!