when it rains...it pours...

Ok A little dramatic I know...Life is not that bad. We are fortunate for everything we have! BUT.....Yesterday when we got home from Brody and Cooper's baptism our refrigerator was out! As in warm....room temperature! I only grocery shop every 2 weeks so of course I had just gone Friday :(
Matt messed around with it last night seems to be running but I don't trust it yet! So our family of five is living out of our old college fridge and a giant cooler.
Speaking of living like we are in college our latest solution to our "sleep situation" is dragging our mattress into the living room and Matt and I sleeping out there :(


  1. Ugg! you poor thing! hope it keeps running for you- we just had our AC fixed today- we are in TX- and I am praying it is fixed for real this time too!

  2. Life is never convenient - it has it's own set of rules. You adapt and make do with the resources you have. No one else can give you the magic answer to problems within your home - you have to find your own. For our family, it was "Barney" videos in the living room during the overnight hours with Mom on the couch. (Thank God we had a comfy couch back then.) Whoever didn't want to sleep participated in a Barney event in the living room. The soothing songs put the kids right to sleep. To this day, I'm a Barney supporter.