giant ottoman for the family room

So I left off with trying to finish the family room/living room with in my $100 budget....I was at $86. Sadly I went over on my ottoman project. I think the final cost is about $35 which puts me at $121 :(
This means I will have to come up with something for over the fireplace for free!

Back to the ottoman. Our family room layout is a couch and two chairs which makes for a hard time trying to find something to go in the middle that everyone can kick their feet up on. So I made it HUGE...seriously it's about 40X45"!

My inspiration was this...
Essex Printed Ottoman
the westelm essex ottoman
Although I knew I needed something more neutral, and bigger. So after hounding my husband to bring me home a pallet from his warehouse at work, I now have this!

And here is a tutorial if you want to make one too!
cardboard boxes
upholstry fabric
staple gun
furniture feet and plates to mount
My pallet was extra large. It came from a warehouse that ships and sell large commerical laundry equipment, but you can use any size.
I began by "wrapping" my pallet in cardboard. I did this for a few reasons...the pallet had seen WAY better days, my kids will be jumping on and off this thing, and I wanted to cover the slats to make sure I had a level top.

Then I added my foam.
***about the foam I used: It is actually carpet padding (unused) someone left in our old house's storage room. I have used it for many projects and have had great results. I'm not sure if it is cheaper than upholstery foam but works great!

I used three layers on top (each layer is probably an inch) and one layer around the sides.

I then added a layer of batting. I just bought a "crib quilt" size at Micheal's and it was just enough.
Clip the corners so they don't bunch up under you fabric.

 Time for the fabric!
 I bought this for $2.99 at GardenRidge they have a great Upholstery remnants section. It was exactly 2 yards and I have just a little bit left!
Here is where you have two options....you can lay the fabric over the frame pull, tuck and staple, or sew the fabric like a slipcover and then staple down the edges.
I chose to sew so the corners would look more upholstered rather than just tucked. to do this cut one large square for the top and four side panels and sewed them in to a square then stretched it over the frame.

then staple along the bottom. If you were really crafty you could use Velcro and make the fabric removable for washing!

flip over the ottoman (bottom side up) and use heavy paper or old fabric to cover the bottom side (and hide all of your staple!)

this step is not necessary but will give a more finished and professional feel.

Time to add the feet! Screw in the plates to each corner...

(pre-stain your feet)

flip it over and your done!

This ending up costing me about $35 mainly I had everything but the feet, fabric, and batting.
tulip bun feet from lowe's $6 a piece
plates for the feet (lowes) $3
Batting (40% off coupon and Michael's) $5
Fabric 2 yards scrap from GardenRidge $3
I had the foam, cardboard boxes, and the pallet was free!


  1. Wow it looks great! Just like your inspiration pic! Beautiful family room too!


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