It's been a while. A lot going on around here, Kids, colds, some small home projects...

Sometimes it's hard to write...even whenI know what I want to say. I have a big disconnect when it comes to what is in my head to what I can get out by typing....make any sense? So I end up posting nothing at all. Which makes me sad. I started this blog after being a fan of reading blogs for several years. I wanted to share things I've accomplished and be able to look back and remember. I'm not a writer...at all. I'm lucky to have ever passed college level composition classes, In fact I barely did. I was lucky enough to have a teacher who cared more about the subject of my writing than my poor grammar and composition of it.
So I'm going to try something new. I'll spend a few days simplifying my blog. Less words. More pictures.
Less is more right?
I will gladly answer questions about how I did something but may not spew out 500 words of exactly how every post. Because then there may be no post at all:)

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