95% there...

When I began re-designing our Family room I set a budget of $100. I knew some of these options may be temporary but for now money is tight! Moving over the holidays is tough enough and a higher mortgage will take some getting used to!
Of course I want built-ins around the fireplace. I know we can (and probably will) DIY some, but the cost will be greater than "free" which is what we have going on now!
I always scan the hardware stores paint section for mistints...welcome steel gray by Olympic!
The previous owner left a few metal utility shelves in the basement one which happened to be a bright red/orange. We had already mounted our tv to the left of the fireplace and needed something to go around it so I brought a shelf up from the basement. It worked! So I grabbed another and sprayed it "lobster claw" by Rustoleom  to match.

All the accessories we already had....

The photo wall are all frames we had lying around and we built the console table using an old sewing table I found on the side of the road :) and an old drawer we had built to slide under a crib.

The pillows on the chairs oddly match the shelves perfectly! I found them at TJmaxx.

This lamp belonged to my grandmother (Matt hates it) but it was actually my inspiration for the whole room!

The drapes were a steal! They are Cindy Crawfords Collection at JCP. Clearance for $8 per panel.

I am 95% there and $83 into my $100 budget. I still need to DIY an ottoman maybe like this, and add something over the fireplace.
Stay tuned...I plan to post about each DIY project piece by piece!

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