The Bicycle Art Tips and Tricks

Last week I shared my Bicycle Art. This week I'll give you a few tips and tricks if you want to do it too! I can't really call this a tutorial...but here is what I did:
I used thin plywood panels (the same I used on my plane project) mine were scraps so together they measure 36"x24". Lowes and HD sell them pre-cut to 24x24 or 24x48.
I found an image of a bike I liked in clipart.

(this is not the exact one - can't find it!)

Then I sketched this onto my boards...I know..I know... many of you are now discouraged thinking you can't draw...but you can! The beauty to this project is the image is very simple and abstract. I used dinner plates to trace the wheel shape and a ruler for the straight lines.
*If you still think you can't sketch this you could:
blow it up cut it out and trace it
use a projector and trace it
order a vinyl of a bike slap it on and be done!
After I had my image sketched I painted it in with regular acrylic craft paint. Then I used a watered down metallic silver craft paint and did the stripes across - they are very subtle but add some interest. Then I outlined the entire bike with a teal sharpie - this fixed any paint imperfections!
That's it! It was a really fun, free project to add a little color to a bedroom.
Give it a try!


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  1. Really really cute! Love the turquoise color and the subtle stripes are awesome! I love your PB plane too! I fell in love with it in the magazine until I saw the $. Love that you attempted that one!! Lovely job! excited to follow and see more!!