A helpful tip for a crazy day...

Three kids didn't seem like too much of a change since having two....except the bigger car, not having a third arm, and not having enough bedrooms.... Anyway I am always looking for ways to make my day more organized. Now that Cooper (no.3) is so mobile my time to prepare meals and time in the kitchen in general, has been cut in half! HE IS ALWAYS UNDER MY FEET!
So let's get to the point here...I started my new "daily routine". This is really not that glamorous but I am amazed with the amount of time it saves!

About 7:30pm when the bedtime count (and anticipation) begins I grind the coffee and prep the coffee maker (need fuel for the next day of course!)...
Then I get the next day's outfits with socks, undies, and diapers ready - I put these in a basket in the living room.
 After that I "prep" breakfast even including plates, bowls, and sippy cups. I put all of this in a plastic bin (like shoe box size) in the fridge.
Then I do the same for myself - Sad...yes I know...I lay out my clothes too and gym clothes (more motivation to go to the gym!)
Come morning I basically do it all over again! While the kids are eating breakfast I "prep" lunch the same way and once they are dressed I grab the PJ's for later that night and put them in the same basket!

Seriously this 5-10 minute routine saves me hours of running around the house - half the time forgetting what I was supposed to be doing anyway!

Do you have a routine that you just can't live with out? Share it here!

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