Plane Project for sale...

I have gotten a few requests lately about selling an already made plane project (PB knock off) I would be more than happy...however although the materials do not cost a lot I have to factor in that I would probably have to get a babysitter and I think shipping would be pretty costly...I'll look into shipping cost but I think the total price would be around $100. I would be willing to "customize" the type of airplane used. If anyone is still interested, let me know thecre8tiveoutlet@hotmail.com



  1. Wow Awesome deal. I always loved that you made it over, its a really neat piece.

  2. I just sent you an email. I would like to purchase one.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Are you still willing to sell one? I absolutely love this picture and I tried to do it myself but after much frustration I was unable to print out the pictures the right size. Please email me if you are willing to sell one, I would love to buy it. Thank you Carlissav1983@live.com

  4. Melissa.... I'm also interested in getting this plane picture if you are willing to sell me one. Please let me know.


  5. Melissa,

    I realize your airplane post was from 2011 and apparently I’m super late to the party. Are you still doing these for people? I can mess up stick figures so I leave the creative stuff to others. Let me know 1) if you are still doing this and 2) what the cost would be. My shipping zip code is 73102. Thanks.