Trying something new.....

I began my blog because of my love for reading other blogs. Mostly home renovation and design blogs I love following other people's projects and watching their progress! In a perfect world I would love to do that too, to my own home, but in reality I can't keep re-doing every room in my house nor with three kids do I have the time! Of course I like to share the small projects I complete here and there....but I dream daily of entire rooms with a DIY twist on everything! So my solution.....
Cre8tive Concept Boards
I am going to create inspiration/dream boards. The twist will be a feature called BUY or DIY where I will pull out components of the room and list where you could buy the item or DIY it yourself. For the DIY item I will create a tutorial or link to one already in existence.
It's been such a busy summer I have neglected my poor little blog and apologize for anyone who follows it! To tell you the truth I have not felt very creative lately and this is just the thing to get me back on track!
Stay tuned for the first Concept Board on Monday!

Here's a sneak peak.....

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