Little Dresses for Africa

While waiting in the pediatrician's office for baby Cooper's 6 month appt. I saw a flyer for little dresses for Africa. If you haven't been to their website http://www.littledressesforafrica.org/blog/ check if out.

I started going through my insane mess of sewing supplies and found a ton of decent sized fabric scraps. I have always enjoyed sewing and sew a little here and there mainly crafty stuff for the kids. I had a simple girls pinafore dress pattern I have been wanting to use (but have no girls to sew for!) so I finally put it to use. I made 5 little size 2 dresses! They are so cute! I must admit to my husbands dismay...I had to try one on Brody - to size it... of course ;)

So today I am making a trip to the post office hoping some little girls in Africa (and other third world country's) will enjoy them!

 I changed the original button and loop closure after reading buttons, elastic, and zippers and be hard to repair. So they all have a simple tie.

I had so much fun making them and feel great they are going towards a good cause!


  1. very cute! and for a wonderful cause. I am hosting a similar event in our local library, where we will make little dresses from pillowcases.

  2. Beautiful! What a wonderful thing to do!

  3. You are so awesome! I'm so proud to call you my sister...and I LOVE that you tried one on Brody!!! I can just picture Matt's reaction now..lol!


  4. Those are adorable! I wish I could sew. Great job!

  5. Hi, I'm stopping in because a) you're an exceptional sewer and b) you seem to have a good heart. Right now in Africa girls miss 9 weeks of school a year on the average because of menstruation. They need cloth pads. Here's a list of Web sites that explain how to make them and a list of organizations that donate them. http://tinyurl.com/3tlhdcc
    Thanks! Carrie

  6. Thanks Carrie,
    I have sewn cloth diapers in the past so I think I could manage these! Thanks for the idea! Always looking to help!