Cub Scouts Tiger Cubs Requirement 1D | for the kids

Cub Scout in the house!
My seven year old BEGGED us to let him do cub scouts. I have no previous knowledge of "scouts" in anyway, nor does my hubby but when their new Den desperately needed a leader....I signed the hubs up!
However I told him I'd do most of the planning and anything craft related.
One of their first activities was to make a family scrap book. I pre-made the books and they spent their den meeting adding decorations, stickers, pictures, and hand drawn details.  It was a really simple project...
Here it goes:
use recycled cereal boxes for you front and back covers
collect anything paper recycled for pages (paper bags, newspaper,etc.)
I threw in some white scrap paper also
cut down all the materials to the same size rectangle or square (ours are about 8"x6")
use masking tape to bind the pages all together (we used about 6-8 pages per book)
embellish and cover bindings with washi tape
Add a name plate to the front...and done!

Tiger Cubs Requirement 1D

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! Next week is the first tiger scout meeting for my son and I am the den leader. I was looking for a sweet way to start, and I love crafting. Thank you for sharing!