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We've been working on the great outdoors. More to come on that... it involves tearing down a sunroom and MAJOR yard work!

Anyway we created an "extention" of our patio for a fire pit area.  We were lacking one thing...the fire pit.  Since this was a low budget project and only in phase one it called for a DIY.

Here's how...
Get a roll of hardware mesh like this one here.
Unroll it and snip it in half horizonally. Now you have two 12" pieces of 10ft mesh.
Make an outer ring about 36" in diameter and an inner ring about 8" smaller.
Lace the ends together with the long length of wire that the roll was wrapped up with in the store.

Pour in some gravel to level your base
(I used bagged gravel from Lowe's $3 per bag - about 4-5 bags total)

Level! This is important...You can not redo this later!
Slowly fill and fill the space between the mesh rings. I added a few large rocks I found around the yard...looking back I wish I had not and would have just left it all white gravel.
 You'll also need a few inches of gravel in the center where the wood will go.

Sit back and enjoy!
Soon I will share the backyard progress...phase one
Hopefully phase two will look more like this ;)

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  1. The look of this is so organic. I love the feel of it. Maybe even I could do it. I am inspired.
    We would love to have you share with us at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party. http://www.madefrompinterest.net/2013/10/super-saturday-link-party-13/ Your recipes and ideas would be a hit with our crowd. It would be our honor to have you join us!