Nap time....

For the past two years (this now being the third) my oldest has been in afternoon school. For the past three years Brody combined with the past 20 months Cooper...have taken a nice long afternoon nap while Kohen was at school. Leaving me with an uninterrupted 2 hours EVERY DAY. Alone time. Time to get things done. Time when sometimes nothing got done :)  Then something happened....SUMMER 2012. The summer of no naps. Well Cooper still took a nap just not Brody. I fought long and hard but he would not nap knowing Kohen was in the house not napping. We even tried Kohen "faking" naps. Nothing worked. Kohen started school 15 days ago. It took 15 days to transition back to naps..but I think we are finally here! I currently sit ALONE in QUIET while I type this!

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