24 hour quilt

 I have always wanted to attempt to sew a quilt.

 Knowing absolutely nothing about quilting nor having very advanced sewing skills...I knew my first go around needed to be something pretty simple. While browsing pinterest...no that's not all I do...I came across this "24 hour quilt". I immediately grabbed my purse and announced I was going to the fabric store. The Hubs seemed not so keen on the idea..."really? you have so much craft and fabric stuff now...right?"  Hmmm...hate to say it but this is true. So I went downstairs to my "craft and fabric stuff" and took a look around. I actually had some batting, so I gathered an old full size sheet (for a bed we no longer had...ha I knew I'd use it for something!) and some scraps of brown solid fabric and a tree print fabric (the binding). Then I got to work.

The main problem was my refusal to follow directions...so if you are new to quilting...yes you do have to "baste" by pining your layers together, and if the tutorial says to use a walking foot on your machine you probably should. I almost gave up halfway but kept on.....about 8 hours later I had a neat little 40"x60" quilt!
It is FAR from perfect...and I mean FAR but I learned a lot and really like it!

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