So besides my bicycle art...I haven't shared much this week :(
I wish I could say it's because I've been super busy doing something cool...but that's not the case. I've been cleaning out the garage.
Our garage door broke a couple months ago...okay, we broke our garage door a couple months ago. It wasn't shutting all the way so we fiddled with the adjustments a little too much and it closed with such force it ripped the top panel of the door...yikes! So the lift is fine...minus the bad adjustments but the door can't be saved.
So we finally got around to getting a new one installed and when the installer came to bid it he seemed amazed in the disorder that managed to occur in just a couple short months. Since I stopped parking in there I just kind of let it go...
So the installer also informed me a few shelves the previous owners installed/built had to go since they were wedged between the wall and the track. Matt's been super busy with work lately so I knew it was a task I'd have to take on. Of course my "work" can only be accomplished in 2 hour intervals..(the combo of nap time and preschool) this job has really drug on...
So it's finally about done and I feel good about the extra efforts I put in to re-organize everything but it's still looks blah...It's a 45 year old garage with scars for every owner; some paint here, different paint there, plywood shelves, wire shelves, pegboard, exposed electrical conducts, etc.
Well at least I know where everything is now :)

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