A Special Delivery

I pre-ordered these guys in mid-December. I tried to keep the excitement level with the kids pretty low until this week but Kohen has been going crazy! After two days of asking about them non-stop I began to stalk the post office. This is the way things were suppose to go....My Pet Chicken was going to ship our 3 day old chicks on Tuesday. They said they might arrive Wed. or Thursday, but for sure by Friday. They would go to the post office and the post office would then call us (our number would be on the box).
This is how it went in our house Tues-Thursday morning...Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet x 5000000000000 = one annoyed mom. So I called and called and called the post office and found out they were there, we hopped in the car a in about 5 minutes time we had baby chicks!

For the first 4-5 weeks they will live in a "brooder" A large cardboard box with a heat lamp. They need to be in a 95 degree atmosphere for the first week, then 90 degree...and so on. Then they will take up residence in the backyard in the newly built coop (plans and pics to follow).

The kids are so excited....The chicks name's are Chicky, Cat woman, and Raisin. Guess who's is which?
 I will post an update on these guys tomorrow!
Read more about our reasons of doing this here in Urban Chickens

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  1. Oh, they are darling!!! Can't wait to see them grow. The kids will have such fun.