I can't believe the day is here....I signed my oldest up for Kindergarten today!!! He is so excited I am so ... scared? I can't believe he is old enough to go to "real" school....well in six months that is!

On a side note, as if I wasn't emotional enough, as I was leaving I had to drop off his folder in the main office and had a horrible encounter with the receptionist. She was ridiculously mean! beyond "I'm having a bad day mean". It really bothers me that could be someones first impression of the school. I take a lot of pride in sending my kids to a really good school district I know everyone is not perfect but come on! I'm trying to let it go and get on with my day. Grrrr.....


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  1. I remember kindergarten "roundup" as they called it when my kids were ready to go to school. There was so much information to absorb. My biggest fear was putting my little ones on the bus. I was so afraid they wouldn't find their classroom on their own and they'd be terrified.

    To my amazement, the kids couldn't wait to ride a school bus, and there were plenty of teachers and other adults at school to take them off the bus and make sure they got to the right place. They just looked so tiny getting on that big yellow bus for the first time.

    Trust me, you have far more fear than Kohen does. He'll adapt fine and fortunately he will have little or no interaction with the mean receptionist in the office.

    Be strong, Mom!