Happy Groundhog Day

My oldest (Ko) has been talking about groundhog day all week. He has reminded me aleast 5 times we had to watch the "weather" on "news channel five" the see the "molehead" on "February two".....where he gets this I have no idea! I DVRed the today show just in case anyone wanted to sleep in -YEAH RIGHT- so we could catch the groundhog in action. Sadly no real action just a guy in a top hat holding up a chubby groundhog - who apparently did see his shadow. Buy hey I guess if this means six more weeks of winter similar to the winter we are having now (temps. way above average) I can't complain!

Also Kohen announced at diner he can count to 109, and he did it...oddly though when he got to the fifties he said them all like "five-one" "five-two"...etc. Just the 50's everything else was right! Not too bad for a five year old!

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