The Chicken Chronicles

Welcome to the Chicken Chronicles. If you have been following me then you know we are taking on a new venture in our home....Urban Chickens or Backyard chickens. Crazy? ...Maybe
It all started when we became a one income family and began cutting cost. This eventually led me to realize how much more self sufficient we could be and how it could help our family learn and grow at the same time.
Read more about this in Self Sufficient in the Suburbs and Urban chickens.

"Urban Chickens" or "Backyard Chickens" are becoming more popular. Most citys and county's have even adjusted ordinances according...did you know in St. Louis County you can have 4 chickens no permits required!

So why would anyone want chickens? Easy....free eggs! Others reasons include...the experience our children will gain, the responsibility they will be taught, and the perfect pets that don't require walking, cleaning up after, and litter boxes.

So join us as we document our newest venture... learn with us!

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