The Chicken Chronicles DAY TWO

If you're just tuning in you might want to check out this intro to the chicken chronicles...you know so you don't think I'm totally crazy...



Well...let's actually rewind back to last night (day one) at about 8pm. So I put the kids to bed and the house was finally quiet...for about 30 seconds. The loudest chirping EVER soon began. I went over to the brooder (which is on the landing between the steps leading to the basement and the garage) - yes I know...their IN my house I am planning to move them to the garage but I was afraid for the first night...anyway so I walk over to look at the chicks to see what the problem is and it stops. I start to go back to the living room and it starts again....yeah it went like this for a while. I realize it is "Raisin", the temp is fine (95 degrees) she seems like she is fine physically so I sit down and google "chirping chick".

Well apparently Raisin is looking for her mom....cute? A little... but I already have 3 somewhat needy kids. So a little more research concludes I need to put some sort of stuffed animal in the box so she "thinks" it is her mom. Well I have 3 boys...We don't really "do" stuffed animals....except those few sentimental ones. I rummage for a while in the basement and find a mickey mouse. I put it in the box, they still chirp...but end up sleeping through the night. Beats holding her all night which some online info suggested....NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE!!!!!

So other than that Chicky had "paste butt" which is all too similar to changing a diaper...I guess you could say no big deal I do enough of that around here but it's still gross. Oh well. But leaving could actually lead to a serious problem so it had to be done.

Kohen and Brody checking their baby chicks

So I'd say day two was also a success!

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