A rather boring day...

Boo. Today was an unproductive day:( I had started a mini-project yesterday and wanted to share the details today but I was feeling under the weather. Cooper is cutting more teeth and I seemed to have a stomach bug that kept me up all night! A big positive was my mom dropped by today and brought me an apple cider from SB's which perked me up quite a bit!

On another note...did anyone watch the today show this morning? I happened to catch the end of a story on "stressed moms". They highlighted a few good ideas and methods to try to reduce stress at home...like better preparing for the day and pinpointing that "moment" that happens right as you know your about to STRESS OUT! One of the tips was to exercise with your kids. I have always wanted to get a jogging stroller, but with the three kids....and Kohen being five this doesn't seem possible. We still go for walks but I feel like I can't go too far - I don't want to wear him out... I am thinking maybe bikes this spring? If I got one of those trailer things I could pull behind and put the two littles in that then Kohen could ride his bike along mine? Hmmm...

We did try some kids yoga - which was fun and rather hilarious if you can imagine Kohen, Brody and I all in the living room in our poses!

Hope to be back tomorrow with something more interesting!

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