Where is Spring?

First.....I need a project! Of course I have about 50 to choose from and about 2-3 started and unfinished ;)
Our master bedroom needs to be re-painted. A while back we installed crown molding and painted....but the color came out all wrong. I mean BAD...I wanted a "sage" green color and what we ended up with ranges from lime green to yellow to mint green depending on the time of day. It's really ugly. So needless to say I'll be more careful this time around!

Speaking of the master bedroom this is the view I woke up to today.....SNOW! Yesterday we were outside without jackets cleaning windows....today we are covered in snow!!!!! WHERE IS SPRING!?!?!?!

Oh....and a BIG thanks to everyone who stops by to see what I have to say...My blog hit 20,000 views last night! Thanks again!

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