The Last Two Weeks...

Wow..The last couple weeks have been busy. Here I was thinking I'd use summer to catch up on a few things, well I was wrong about that!

Let's begin with the kids....
So far we've explored City Garden

Brody is offically potty trained!

We've met up with great friends for a mini vacation!

Kohen just finished his Coach-Pitch season

Matt and Kohen made it to Kohen's first Card's Game!

On to the chickens....
Raisin did prove to be a rooster. We debated until a 5am wake up call...with a crow!
Luckly we found a feed store to take her...ah him...and send him home with a farmer.
but we ended up with two replacements..."fluffy and the number 8" (I'll post more on this later!!!)

I finished a few jobs...
View C 12 JS 49 2 copy.jpg in slide show
A few commerical renderings 

and a custom plane project!

So how has your summer been going? I'm off to begin planning two little boys' a birthday party!

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