Deets on the Mother's Day Terrarium

The boys and I made Terrariums for mother's day gifts this year. I chose to do succulent terrariums because I've heard you can't really kill a succulent so I wouldn't have to worry about giving a gift that may die two days later (p.s. mom...I already killed the potted plant you gave me Sunday :(  ). Anyway...I grabbed 2 hurricanes from wal-mart ($5) and a few plants at Lowe's ($10). I already had river rocks and potting soil.
Step one:
Add a layer of rocks to the bottom...about 2-3 inches

Step two:
add a layer of potting soil

Step three:
add plants..then add another layer of carefully placed rocks around the plants

Proof succulents are super strong would be Brody dumped a bag of large river rock on top of the newly planted plants completely covering them...but they survived!

I think these are a really great addition to any room. I love that you could get really creative with the planter or dish you use. I chose glass to be able to see the layers of rock and soil, but any type would work!

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