Your Local Library...

Your Local Library...

Spring Break brought a serious issue to my attention...Summer is going to kill me. Over spring break I must have heard 55 times a day..."now what are we going to do?" and "I'm bored". 
I immediately began planning for the summer. Researching and signing up for as many free, fun kid activities I could find. The first place I turned to ... Our Local Library! It's already I place we frequent at least once a week...do you? If not check it out! We rent everything from books to ebooks to wii games! Because our county is so large we have about 20 different branches all with story times and other great activities for kids of all ages! If you are looking for something FREE to do with your kids find your local library!

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  1. We Love, Love, Love our local library. We like to go on the late night Fridays - because there's no one there, so the kids can knock books off the shelves without the glares from other parents...ha ha! No seriously, libraries rock. Had no idea until we had kids. We all love it.