Random Rambling...

Random Rambling...

Saturday we moved the chickens and the chicken coop outside - one of the MAJOR concerns with having chickens is predators; owls, hawks, raccoons, etc - you name it we have it!...I noticed Matt opening the window in our room, and seeming extra interested in what the chickens were doing the past few nights. Today we were outside with the kids and Matt turned to me and said..."I'm so glad the chickens made it through the past couple nights...I've had no sleep it's like having newborns again." I really didn't know he cared so much about them!

I can't believe my baby has his 15 month doctors appointment tomorrow! My baby!

Brody has been making some progress with his speech (he's 2.5)

Kohen starts baseball Tuesday!

This week I am spring cleaning. A room each day...complete purging and scrubbing! Did the kitchen today...took me 2.5 hours and we have the world's smallest kitchen!

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