The Garden Plan

This year, as I'm trying to be more self sufficient (read self sufficient in the suburbs), I began plans to take on a bigger veggie garden. In the past I have grown a few veggie plants by using a raised bed in the backyard a previous own built. This year beginning in January I hatched out a new plan. Square Foot Gardening. I've kind of done this before, but didn't go all in with the grid. Basically it's about using small spaces and a special soil blend to grow A LOT of vegetables.
I started my seeds back in March...read more about that here Starting Seeds
Our last frost date is April 15th (Midwest) I'm hoping to get the plants in today...during the baby's nap time!
So here is my plan...
I am still using the raised bed I have used before that someone else built (previous owner), but I'm adding a 4ft x 4ft raised bed and several containers.

Of course I had to add a DIY project along with a tutorial....I'll have it posted tomorrow!
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Wish me luck! I'll update tomorrow!

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