Chicken Chronicles week 8

The Chicken Chronicles....It's been a while huh? Did I even post a chicken chronicle last week? If not sorry, but don't worry the girls haven't been forgotten!
Thanks to my fav follower Karan...from Karan's Kitchen...I'm able to post today even with out my camera :( It's down for the time being, but today Karan delivered a device that works just as well!
So back to the chickens...
If your new here you may want to read from the beginning of The Chicken Chronicles, to sum things up...This is our adventure with "backyard chickens or urban chickens". No we don't live on a farm...just a regular subdivision in a suburb of a large city...and we have three chickens!
So I believe we are in week...8? They've been living in their coop we made for about 3 weeks, no problems they're just getting big! We let them out to "free range" once or twice a day, whenever we are outside. They just walk around and peck at things. Right when we are about to go inside we just walk towards their coop and they all jump in! Seriously I had worries about having to chase chickens around the yard (or making the kids do it) but they must be pretty smart. Although Chicky misbehaved today by jumping in my newly planted garden and pecking a cucumber seedling pulling it from the ground....ggrrrrrrr!

I'll be back tomorrow with a detailed post and tutorial of my new raised square foot garden!

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