The ugliness gets a little better...

Improving general ugliness...
Sorry I have no before...."what before what? That ceiling fan is ugly!" Yes but it was uglier. It was BRASS! Sorry if you are reading this and like brass....and it wouldn't be so bad if 4 years ago we didn't swap out ALL of the other brass guys for brushed nickle. Why this guy got left behind...no idea...well maybe one. I may have wanted to add a ceiling fan in the living room and just figured when we did that we'd get matching ones. Except it's four years later and the living room still has no fan :(
So I wanted to do something to it...preferably replace it but didn't have the cash to do so....so I painted it. Without even un-installing it.
 Yeah that's right this is "how to update and paint your light fixture without un-installing it first"...ha ha.
Anyway a temporary fix...which will probably me permanent...I just used a small craft brush and watered down some acrylic silver paint from the craft store. Nothing special just the cheap stuff I had laying around. I watered it down and did about three light coats. I would have spray painted it but I couldn't figure out how to get it down safely while Hubs was at work.
Believe it or not it actually matches the one over the sink that is actual brushed nickle!

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