Let's Roost! The Chicken Chronicles DAY 7

Today when cleaning out the brooder I added a Roosting pole. Well it's a branch...anyway apparently chickens do not sleep on the floor they prefer to "roost". Right now our chicks fall asleep where ever the land. Literally they just "pass out" and fall face forward...it's kinda cute!
So I added the pole. At first the were sacred of it "oh no...something new!"

 Suddenly catwoman (with her cat like skills) made her move and jumped on it! Then Chicky too!

Which leaves Raisin...being the biggest and the bossiest I figured she'd have no trouble...but she falls off...every time. It's actually quite loud when she does she chirps and flaps her wings, I can hear it across the house!
So when she fails she spends her time knocking the others off. She is handful I tell ya...
We'll see just where these chicks sleep tonight!

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