The Chicken Chronicles....Week 5

You may have noticed that I have only been posting once a week for the Chicken Chronicles. Though they are still growing fast...now that they are older the changes are not as obvious day to day.
Next week is a big week for the girls...they are moving from their coop which has been temporary set up in the garage to the great outdoors! Then I can finally photograph and post about the coop and it's construction.

I don't play favorites but Raisin is the most photogenic...or she seems to jump in front of the camera every time I take pictures!

Raisin has the most developed waddle...but chicky is the biggest.

Catwoman being a different breed than raisin and chicky seems to be built a little different...taller maybe?

It's hard to ever get a picture of chicky. She is the most laid back and timid. She is the one I am most willing to let outside to explore...she's pretty predictable.

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