The Chicken Chronicles -Week 4

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Well it's been one month since we became a family that has livestock....pets really...Anyway I know I say (type) all the time I can't believe how fast these chickens have grown....I really can't believe it! Since the girls have moved in to the garage I probably check on them about 5-6 times a day and they are bigger each time...just kidding! The kids are still really into "helping" and constantly wanting to see them....which I worried about ... you know how kids are something they love one day they forget the next!
With the weather being abnormally warm (temps way above average) I may move the coop to the great outdoors a week sooner than I originally thought (6 weeks). Speaking of the coop I do plan on sharing all the details soon...we still need to finish the roof. 
Our neighbor asked the other day "how long until your investment pays off...couple thousand eggs?" Actually .... No, maybe a couple dozen? We were fortunate to have built the bulk of the coop at Matt's dad's house where he happens to have a barn full of reclaimed wood....and as far as the price of a chick...$2! I'll calculate the full cost when I post about the coop but I know I haven't spent much we are pretty cheap around here!
So as you can see from the pictures the chicks are pretty much fuzz free and sport only feathers now. I should probably stop calling them chicks...I think they are "pullets" now! Tweens maybe?

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Here are pictures from exactly one month ago! Look how far they've come!

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