The Last few Days...

After our superbowl clean up on Monday I notice Kohen was acting very "unlike" himself. Voluntarily taking a nap (NEVER HAPPENS) and laying around a lot. Then came a fever and a rash. a trip to the peds confirmed it....STREP! Poor guy he loves school so much and today is the third day he must miss!

On another note....as much as I don't want my littlest baby to ever grow up...I can't help beginning to start thinking about his "big boy" room! He is only 14 months I have PLENTY of time but since I plan on DIYing it all I better get a plan going!

Some ideas while I begin my search....
The room is very tiny but I still want to have a "play area". I am usually against toddler beds for the fact unless your crib converts to one it's an additional cost for something a kid will only use for a year or two....BUT I think my mom and I may have enough scrap wood and some paneling to make one for free! I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I can't wait to see it! I'm currently putting together a big boy room for my 2 yr old twin boys and love the inspiration pics you chose!