Baby B's First Day of Mini-Preschool

I have been nervous about this day for along time. We decided to start Brody (age 2.5) in a one day a week preschool program through our school district. He spends all of his time idolizing his older brother and we thought it would be good for him to socialize with kids his own age. We though this would help too for his speech. I think he may have a speech delay.

He had an open house a few week earlier and he loved it! He has never really been away from me, and the few time he has he was with family members.

When I dropped him off he seemed fine! I was thrilled! He has always been shy ( you know... the kid who clings to his mom's leg) I left feeling good.

When I came to pick him up 2 hours later, I could hear him screaming the minute I walked in the building! I rushed to his room where the teacher told me he had a really hard time transitioning and was pretty sad. She also had to hold him the entire time! YIKES...I felt really bad for him and her. His teacher assured me he'd be ok after a few times...so I guess we'll see this week...Poor Guy.
 He was so excited to wear his backpack!

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