My Top Favorite Responses to "I'm a stay at home mom"

If you're a Stay at Home MOM....I know you've heard some of these before!

My Top Favorite Responses to 
"I'm a stay at home mom"
Wow...I couldn't do that (not as a compliment)
So you can just wear your pj's all day and not leave the house!
I could never do that my kids would drive me crazy
What do you do all day?
So are you going to get a real job when the kids go to school?
I would get too bored doing that
I don't know how you do it...Saturday and Sunday are too much for me!
I wish my husband made enough money so I didn't have to work
Hmmm...That explains why you son is so clingy
My son would miss daycare he loves his teachers and they love him too!
My house would be SO clean if I could stay at home all day and keep up with everything

Please...I eat lunch while standing over the sink (if I remember to eat at all). Bathroom breaks consist of trying to duck into the bathroom without anyone noticing then struggling to lock the door (while on the toilet) when I've been discovered. Cleaning, Sure! I do it all day again and again and again...yet at 5:00pm it looks worse than it did at 8am! Watching TV of course PBS, Nick Jr, and Cartoon Network all my favorites! Just because I am a stay at home mom doesn't mean I stay at home all day - hello! I'd lose my mind too! We are out and about all day! That is of course only on the days I change out of my pajamas!

I can't say if you asked me 6 years ago I would have ever told you I'd be a stay at home mom, but I can't imagine doing anything else at this time of our lives!

SAHM - Stay at home mom
Doesn't work outside the home


  1. Wow. Sounds like you've had some rough experiences. I think that as women, we need to support each other more. Remember, as long as you're OK with what you're doing & it works for your family, then it works. End of story. Others may think or say what they like. Best of luck to you.

  2. Kerrie,
    Thanks! Yeah I've heard some crazy replies but they're not in a "mean" way. Most all of my friends work and can't imagine not working. I know they just don't understand. Really these replies just give me a good laugh!

  3. Melissa -
    Most of my life I've worked outside the home, but for a period of about a year I was home with a four month old, a 2 year-old, and an 11 year old. I never worked harder in my life than I did in that one year. Managing children full time is not easy - keeping them entertained and hopefully educating them requires far more than just sitting them down in front of the TV. Children require attention! Good parents understand that, and I know you and your hubby are not just good parents - you're great parents!

  4. I really appreciate this post. And I agree with the comment above -- we really need to support each other, no matter what our situation is.

    I also stay at home, and sometimes I struggle with feeling guilty when drinking my coffee while my husband goes off to work... but when I was on bedrest a few months ago, he took a week off to help around the house, and -- although he's always appreciated and supported what I do -- he realized just how much work it is! Thanks for posting.