My 2012 Resolutions

As many have said before....writing down your goals and resolutions should help to accomplish them. Why did I dread sitting down to write this? Why is it easy to avoid all together? Because I am a procrastinator!
I really am. So the big number 1
....Stop procrastinating!
2. be a better blogger! Really for a while I was posting regularly and it really gave me a sense of accomplishment and it was something I did for myself. I let myself slack enough said!
3. Become more involved educationally with the kids...Sure I get my fix playing with super heroes and Elmo, but I want to try to incorporate more education activities in to "playtime".
4. Become more self-sufficient...Gardens, Chickens, Soaps...more on this later!
5. Maintain a Healthy life style. I'm not so much stressing over losing weight and diets...which only create a crabby momma, but eating, exercising, and living healthy!

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