The cost of a stay at home parent

When opening the Internet explorer on my computer this morning this was an article posted on MSN...
How Much is a Homemaker Worth?

I love coming across information like this it always makes me smile! The "worth" in the article comes to around $96,000. salary a year....Oh how I wish I got paid!
Sadly the cost of being a "homemaker" or a stay at home mom is usually in the red. Living on one income in a world designed for two is tough!
Catering to these little faces all day long...priceless!

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  1. We are in the same boat, single income (a minimum wage one at that) is supporting our house currently...Since I lost my business in 2008, I have refocused on helping supplement out income by getting our "farm" up and hopefully running soon and using other homemaker skills like sewing...It is priceless to have the time to spend with the 3yr old and teach her basic life skills as we go.