Kid's Art - Finger painting

The kid's Birthday Party went great! We had a good time with family and friends!
One of the kid's gifts was a set a crayola finger paints (thanks Kaleb and Kinsley!) Since today we had GREAT weather I took Kohen and Brody outside to try out finger painting. Routing through my art stuff I found an old piece of foamcore and a 24"x24" thin-plywood panel.
Then they went at it! I had to throw them in the baby pool to clean them up! Brody even managed to get it in his hair!

Not bad huh?
After they smeared the entire surface with a muddy combination of blue, red, green, and yellow. Then we used an old baby food jar and made circle patterns removing the paint.  
Something I'll be proud to display in our home!

The monster doll tutorial is coming tomorrow!

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