DIY Coffee Table + tutorial

This tutorial is part of my Creative Concept- A Kid's Space Inspired By a Sock Monkey. Check it out here
When I found this rustic/reclaimed coffee table online I was in love! Looking closer I knew this was something I could DIY. I drafted this plan (below) on cad - estimating dimensions using the original picture as my inspiration.

Material List:
3- 1"x6"x8'
1- 1"x6"x4'
1- 1"x4"x8'
(I used cheap boards from LOWE'S I spent $23.68)
wood glue
chop saw- or a form of making straight cuts

I made mine a little smaller than the above plans...Scale it to your needs.

Print the next two images to use as your template for jigsawing the legs.

(These are printed on 2  - 8.5x11 printer paper. Match up and tape together then cut out.)

If you are not comfortable with a jigsaw - find someone who is (husband maybe?) I am vaguely familiar with it because of some of my college design classes. I didn't find it to be that difficult to cut this pattern.

Cut all your 1x6's...
8 - 18" pieces for the legs
4 - 48" pieces - planks for table top

once you have your 8 leg pieces cut trace pattern on to pieces and jigsaw.

you will use 2 patterned pieces to make one leg. Attach using screws. I used a pre-drill counter sink so my screw heads wouldn't show.

Next put the table top together. There are a few different options for this. You can buy a "pre-made" wood slab top (this will be more expensive than using the 4 - 48" 1x6's)
If you use the 4 - 48" 1x6's attach these together - use a jig or biscuit joint. If you can't do either of these (I can't!) create a brace of plywood or a rectangle using 2x2s to nail or screw each board into to create a solid top.

to attach legs flip the table top over and place legs where you want them

I glued the legs on first then nailed them in from above. I usually would say this is not a good way - being as that your nail hole will show on the table top - but I heavily distressed the entire table so they won't be noticed. You could also use L-brackets.
Then I added the "stretchers"  these are your 1x4s. I would not cut these until this point. measure between each leg to get your exact measurement.
Attach the same way you attached your legs.

Give the entire table a good sanding.

The finish:You can do this many different ways.....paint, stain, whitewash...etc.
I watered down a brown latex paint and brushed it on, then I distresses (hammering, nailing, basically beat the hell out of it!)

Then I sanded again - removed most of the paint and added a thin coat poly.....
and finished with something that looked like this

I really love it!
I hope this tutorial helps! I had a tech problem with the memory card in my camera and lost most of my pictures :(
I am NOT a furniture builder so my "techniques" are probably pretty unconventional. Please use this tutorial as a guide and make improvements as you go!
Good Luck!


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