Parenthood.....the show

I LOVE the new show parenthood. Even more I LOVE the home (set) of Adam and Kristina's home!

Usually my style is REALLY neutral. With hardly any color but as our family grows there are times I feel this just isn't practical anymore. Besides (with three little guys running around) being super tough to keep clean, It drives me crazy when the all the toys seem to be the focal point being they are the only things with bright colors!

Don't get me wrong I don't think I'd want decor based around primary color fisherprice toys....but a little color wouldn't be bad!

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of what our house currently looks like.....Although I will have to clean it first :(

Check out more pictures from the set of parenthood here

I am loving the living room with all the pops of red!


  1. I have been admiring that house for the same reasons!! I am still going to do your plane project but my projects get backed up with my little ones:) but wanted to thank you because you inspired me to get my own blog started! check it out if you want... it is still a work in progress! I will of course link to you when I show my plane project though!!

  2. It is gorgeous!! love the color of the walls, i need to find something similar, our all white walls are blinding! i have a lot of the same reds, but with more light olive-y green and the window treatments in those pics are similar to ones i did in our dining room with burlap :) so fun, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Parenthood and totally love Camile's work space on the patio...Out of all the houses that is my favorite...But of course the House boat wins hands down, reminds me of weekends on my Dad's tuna boat.

    As for my personal decor, I am all about a foundation of neutrals and toned down accents...but alas like yourself my home suffers punches of fisher price color too...I want to create a play room out of one of the bedrooms now the wee one is a little older and can almost be trusted alone for 5minutes lol.

    Thnx for the fun link