Make it with Mom.....Bringing back the Dated Daybed!

I am starting a "series" called Make it with Mom which will feature posts from my mom and projects we do together!

About Mom...My mom is VERY crafty and artistic. We always did fun crafts and projects growing up. Whether it was making T-shirts every year at my birthday party or the countless times we re-decorated my room, she always encouraged me to express myself creatively! I assume this is where I have gotten my artistic abilities!

I have to give credit to my dad too...He is very detail oriented and takes the architectural approach to design. This is where I get my interest in architecture and drafting from!

So Bringing back the dated daybed......

I remember daybeds being all the rage in the 80's-90's but they didn't look like daybeds today. Today's daybeds are designed to look more like living room furniture rather than a bed. Daybeds are perfect solutions for home offices, rec rooms, baby nurseries and anywhere else you need an extra place to lounge or sleep.

So when Mom needed a little extra sleeping space in her finished basement, she pulled out the old dated daybed that once belonged in my sister's room.
To recreate the look of a more modern daybed and less of the twin bed with a pop-up trundle, she quickly whipped up this solution...

She wanted to keep the pop-up trundle but not leave it exposed. A quick trip to homegoods where she found a clearance quilt. She cut and sewed a cover to give the daybed a simple, clean line solution. This only took her about 20 minutes!

Total cost: $20 and 20min. of time!

So if you too need additional sleeping or lounging space don't over look what may be lurking in the back of your storage room!

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